Why is 10tracks Cool?
No More Wires
Does music transfer via wires annoy you? Good news! You don't need to do it anymore! With 10tracks the music uploaded from the PC is immediately available on your iOS or Android device via mobile connection.
Anytime & Anywhere
It doesn’t matter how huge your music collection is or what you’re doing: travelling, party with friends, work. With 10tracks all your music is always with you!
Quickly Upload Your Music As Never Before
With our web player you can easy upload and listen to your music. Thanks to our technology, music upload is up to 10 times faster than other music services.
Desktop App
Install 10tracks PC App for Windows/Linux/MacOs to quickly synchronize your music collections with your cloud storage.
Import your Soundcloud favorite tracks simply installing the Google Chrome extension.
Free Music
World's best tracks of different genres are available for free listening. You can easily add tracks you like to your collection. Collection is constantly growing.
Mobile Applications
iPhone & Android
Download 10tracks free apps for iOS and Android from AppStore or Google Play and enjoy music stored online: manage playlists, listen to your tracks and the free ones available from our service.
Offline Mode
Listen to your music in a subway, plane or train! Mark your favorite tracks and they will be available for you even if you have no internet connection.
Want to share tracks with your friends? Select the track, click 'share' and share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email as a simple link.
Last.fm Scrobbling
Know what last.fm is about? So, you’re really a music fan! Connect 10tracks to your last.fm account to easily get new recommendations for music.
Album Covers
Do you want a more colourful collection? Automatically matching albums covers helps to keep your music collection looking awesome. And of course you can upload your own cover arts.
Folders Structure
You spent hours organizing your music by folders and don't want to mess it up? 10tracks allows you to preserve folders and subfolders structure after uploading saving your time!
Free and No Limits
Start immediately to enjoy 10tracks: we offer 40Gb of free space, that you can increase up to a maximum 75Gb by posting our promotional messages on social networks and inviting friends.
Unlimited Space
Need more space? We offer unlimited space with our premium offer, at 25 USD per year.